Acid Attack Victim Fights To Get Father Punished

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Kushboo, a small town girl was repeatedly assaulted by her father from childhood. Manik Chandra threw acid on his daughter after she took household matters into her hand.

Manik Chandra, according to Kushboo, has married many young women and trafficked them to Delhi, Agra, Aligarh and nearby cities. She also alleged that she has seen her father do this since her childhood. The girl stood her ground and objected this after she turned 20, to which her father responded with violence.

Chandra is accused of trying to sell Kushboo and her 15 year old sister Anjali once. He also tried to extract money from a 50 year old by getting him married to Anjali. Kushboo is married to Vinod Kumar and they have a daughter together.

After repeated objections from Kushboo, Chandra got enraged and threw acid on her face and other body parts. Kumar and their daughter also received burns in this process. The family has each 6 percent burns on their bodies.

Kushboo has filed a complaint with the police against Manik Chandra and hopes for justice. Despite repeated complaints, Chandra was repeatedly let off. This time, however, Kushboo wants to make sure that Manik gets life imprisonment for all his crimes.