Air India serves Lizard for Dinner dessert!!

It is not uncommon for Indian citizens to getting some ‘Extra’ in their meals. These type of incidents are common in Indian railways and the passengers are used to the occasional cockroach or a semi digestible insects.

But this ‘extra’ servings are now slowly making their way into the airliners. Some of these added non-veg helpings are being included in the airline meal packets. Similar situation was faced by an Air India passenger when he ordered a meal in the flight.

Air India serves Lizard for Dinner dessert
Air India serves Lizard for Dinner dessert

In a recent incident in an Air India flight leaving from New Delhi to London, a passenger ordered a first class meal, but he was in for a mind blowing surprise when he started on his dinner.

He was served with a neatly and justly cooked black lizard along with his burger and cheese. The horrified passenger immediately took a picture of his serve and taken it up with the flight crew.

The flight crew apologized for the mishap and offered a replacement meal to him. The Passenger rejected the offer and filed a complaint with the airline.