Bikers beat traffic police for writing a Challan

Bikers beat traffic police for writing a Challan: These people seriously need to calm down. Citizens need to understand that one can’t go down the path of counter violence with the officers of law (and yes officers of law include Traffic police too).

Going into the details, In a recent incident occurred in New Delhi, two traffic cops were severely beaten by the bikers for writing down a challan. The police men were severely injured by the bikers when they stopped them for routine check. The bikers were reportedly going on a triple ride over single bike.

Watch the Video here:

Ease up a bit People!!! You shouldn’t be angry with them for forcing you to follow the traffic rules. Those rules are mandatory and you should follow them, if you are not following them, then you are intentionally asking them for the official ‘treatment’.

The next time when an office of law fines you and writes a challan for it, don’t take it personally, he is just doing his job.