Chennai: Road caves in due to metro work, traps a car

Chennai: The busy Poonamalee High Road on Friday caved in and also trapped a car on the road where work on the underground stretch of Chennai Metro Rail is underway. The incident shook the city and the traffic was also disrupted due to the incident.

Road caves in due to metro work, traps a car in Chennai

A car with male persons was proceeding slowly on the road and all of sudden the road caved in, according to an eye witness. The witness added that the incident happened in a flash and the people in the car were screaming. However, the two managed to escape through the driver entrance of the car.

The driver of the car said that he noticed a small pothole but the car ahead of his crossed over it and so that he slowed down but the back tyre crossed the spot and the road caved in. After an hour later, the car was towed away from the scene with the help of a crane.

The cave-in to the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) working its way below the surface for the works on the High Court-Chennai Central stretch, according to an official from Chennai Metro Rail. The official also added that the TBM hit an uneven surface as the soil changed from rock to clay. Huge traffic jam was caused when the stretch from the RGGGH signal to Fort station was closed for the works of road re-laying.