Do we eat Bacteria at KFC food?

Soon after the case of a fried chicken which resembled as a rat’s tail was solved. KFC has again fallen in the pitch of trouble by hitting the list of contaminated food at the store. The test conducted at the food laboratory of Telangana with few samples of KFC food states that it contained bacteria is found in human waste. The test samples contained pathogens, salmonella and E Coli bacteria.

Deep-fried chicken pieces from KFC can cause food poisoning in humans.

The test was done on the packed food of the current day and was sent to the lab but KFC denies to the samples which were collected. KFC said, “We have no knowledge of the sample being collected from any of our stores and in what condition it has been transported for this alleged test.” They dismissed the allegation, saying it was an attempt to malign its reputation. This alleged report is a case of false allegation.