Script of biopic on Indira Gandhi sent to Sonia Gandhi for approval

Mumbai: The script of much-talked-about biopic on former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi was sent for an approval to her daughter-in-law Sonia Gandhi‘s office by the filmmaker Manish Gupta. Manish has also sought a meeting with Sonia Gandhi.

Filmmaker Manish Gupta approached Vidya Balan for biopic on Indira Gandhi

Manish said that the period of emergency will also be included in the film and he has shown contrasting viewpoints and a conflict. He added that her intention was good while getting Emergency declared, but things went out of control and had negative impact on the country.

The director also said that actress Vidya Balan has been approached for the role of Indira Gandhi and the script was also given to her. Manish added that he read nearly 26 books on Mrs Gandhi during his research and he has taken common thread from their perspectives to arrive as close to the truth as is possible.

Manish is expected to feature how Indira Gandhi managed the party members and the Sanjay Gandhi’s sterilisation campaign in the film. It is heard that the movie will not be talking about the censorship of the press during the period of Emergency. Manish said stated that he will not change a single name in the movie and is completely based on facts.