Kalki Koechlin: Education key to gender equality

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin says that education is the key to gender equality and is the most important thing for our country to grow. The actress joined the P&G Shiksha programme and said that she was never a front bencher and was very bad at maths. She added that her skills were more on the creative activities like arts, acting and writing. Kalki said that apart from regular studies, it is important to try different skills and added that she have had the privilege to get good education.

Kalki Koechlin says education key to gender equality

The “Margarita With A Straw” star said, “We have to educate girls, but we also have to educate boys about the fact that girls are equal. It’s important for both boys and girls.”

At an event, she said that she was a shy girl in school and used to hide her weakness with her sense of humour. She thinks education is not just important in the academics but also in terms of social education.