“Arre Yaar” in Oxford

Oxford not just a dictionary but also encourages commonly used words in our nation. Now oxford defines the meanings of the most commonly addressed words like ‘Arre Yarr’ which might mean ‘Hey Dude, Buddy or anything like kidding’ these desi words are accepted by the Oxford English Dictionary along with other words like Churidar which means ‘tight trousers made with excess material at the bottom of the legs, which falls in folds around the ankles, traditionally worn by people from South Asia’ eventually few other words like Dhaba defined as ‘In India or in Indian contexts: a roadside food stall or restaurant’. Yaar has been defined as a noun to refer to a ‘familiar form of address: friend, mate’

Arre Yaar in Oxford

In the updated version of English, Arre, which is to be used as an interjection in English, will ‘express a range of emotions and commands, especially annoyance, surprise, or interest, or to attract someone’s attention’