Samsung Deliberately Blocks Windows Updates On Its Laptops


Looks like the war among the major tech companies is never ending. Be it Google vs Apple or Facebook vs Microsoft, most of the tech majors are competing so hard against each other just to emerge as the ultimate industry leader.

Now, the latest battle is between Samsung and Microsoft, as the latter has reportedly blocked all Windows updates on their laptops. This act came under light when users started reporting Microsoft that their Windows OS is not updating. After thorough research, it was later found that Samsung has deliberately blocked all Windows updates on their laptops.

The Samsung laptops failed to update as ‘Disable_Windowsupdate.exe’ runs in the background which restricts laptops to download Windows updates. One should first download the Samsung software update file ‘SW Update’ from Samsung’s website as part of an update tool.

Patrick, a Microsoft MVP posted in his blog “Windows Update remains a critical component of our security commitment to our customers. We do not recommend disabling or modifying Windows Update in any way as this could expose a customer to increased security risks. We are in contact with Samsung to address this issue.”