Food is the Heart of Festival : Ramzan

After the entire month  Ramzan of fasting will be ending today, tomorrow the complete day will be feasting. Its more likely that the sighting of the moon could be seen today. Ramzan will be celebrated tomorrow.
“The question religious scholars ask is why do Muslims put themselves through this confusion every year? Science and technology can detect the birth of the new moon.”

This year, the majority of Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait will celebrate Eid on Friday 17 July. However other nations – like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh – will observe the holiday on the following day.

An iftar market in Dhaka
An iftar market in Dhaka

Ramzan is more than a festival. Perhaps its an Indian culture. Its a foodie festival where you only got eat Delicious and larger scale. “On Eid, you are encouraged to eat all the things that are too rich, too sweet, too creamy for a normal day.

Its the favourite day for the foodies. The day starts with the morning prayers, serving food for the poor, start away with food with the sweet Sheer khurma (made of vermicelli & milk). Shaahi Biryani for lunch, Haleem mean while. The love and the relations are made  more brighter and healthier by wishing each other. Get ready for the festival. Eid Mubarak.