Mind blowing come back by the weightlifter after the faint

Ontario: A dynamic woman weightlifter threw back her performance although she fainted a couple of seconds back, I know its hard to believe but eventually true.

A women of just 20, Genesis Rodriguez Gomez, Venezuelan weightlifter who participated in women’s 53kg event who was fainted. The audience will always memorize recollect and remember the movement of her come back and managed win silver.

Venenzuela weight lifter faint
Venezuelan female weightlifter faints during lift! But her comeback is TOTALLY mind blowing!

Luckily, she fell forward. The weight fitted bar noised down on the floor. Genesis Rodriguez Gomez was lucky because weightlifting has a history of incidents of injuries caused by athletes losing control of the bar.
Earlier also a Hungarian lifter Janos Baranyai dislocating his elbow at the Beijing Olympics.