Opposition Criticizes PM Modi Over Manipur Conflict

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Delhi:  Manipur continues to grapple with ongoing inter-communal conflict, sparking criticism from opposition parties directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his perceived inaction. Jairam Ramesh, a senior leader of the Congress party, lambasted the Modi government for neglecting the plight of Manipur’s people and failing to address the escalating crisis.

Ramesh expressed dismay over PM Modi’s absence from Manipur, despite finding time for numerous other engagements. He highlighted the severe consequences of the conflict that erupted last year between the Kuki and Meitei tribes, resulting in the loss of 225 lives and displacing many others who remain in relief centers.

“There has been no effort from the center to alleviate the suffering in Manipur. The Prime Minister’s reluctance to visit or engage with local representatives is concerning,” Ramesh stated on ‘X’ platform (Twitter), criticizing the government’s lack of proactive measures to resolve the year-long conflict.

Opposition parties are urging immediate steps to restore peace in Manipur, demanding decisive action from the Modi administration to address the persistent turmoil in the region.