Deputy Speaker Position Sparks Interest

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Om Birla, Lok Sabha Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Avadesh Prasad, Samajwadi Party, TMC, BJP alliance

Delhi: Om Birla has been re-elected as the Speaker of the 18th Lok Sabha, reigniting interest in the selection of the Deputy Speaker. With the BJP inclined to nominate a member from its alliance for the role, the Trinamool Congress (TMC), part of the opposition alliance, has advocated for Avadesh Prasad, an MP from Samajwadi Party (SP), to be appointed as Deputy Speaker, as per reliable sources.

Avadesh Prasad recently secured victory as MP from Faizabad in the general elections. TMC has endorsed his candidacy for the Deputy Speaker’s position, urging the Center to consider his credentials.

The election for the Deputy Speaker position comes after 48 years, marked by previous disagreements between the ruling party and the opposition over the Speaker’s post. Om Birla’s re-election as Speaker followed his victory over the India Alliance candidate K. Suresh.