Telangana BJP Leaders Demand Transfer Of 5 AIS Officers Amid Non Cooperation

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In Telangana, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders are leaving no stone unturned to gain political mileage by hook or crook.

On the 2nd of September, Friday, the Telangana BJP Unit requested the transfer of 5 All India Services (AIS) officers, who are currently heading Central Government departments in Hyderabad.

According to sources, the State BJP leadership had made a recommendation to the Central Government regarding the transfer.  The Telangana Unit of the BJP said, the five senior level officials are being ‘uncooperative’ with the Telangana BJP leaders.  The BJP leaders further mentioned their disappointment with senior leaders of the State, who were grudgingly acknowledged as ‘impartial,’ not working in their favour for the strengthening the party in the Telugu State, providing no political mileage. 

The BJP leaders in Telangana, without mentioning any names said, senior BJP leaders are losing focus with their agendas in the Telugu State, derailing the political milage of the BJP.

It is to be noted that the request to transfer All India services officials of the BJP to Hyderabad, came at a time when the State is gearing up for the Munugode by election.

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