Grumpy Gorilla ‘Middle-Fingers’ the over active photographer

Grumpy Gorilla ‘Middle-Fingers’ the over active photographer: Most famous theory in the scientific circles is that ‘Humans’ are anatomically, evolution-al outputs of long lines of Chimpanzees and Gorillas. However we, the humans (the so called social animals) some how seemed to have achieved better brain function than other animals. But occasionally our long lost relatives exhibit some traits that bear striking resemblance to ours.

Going into the details, it was a pleasant weekend morning in Bristol Zoo. The zoo is as usually moderately crowded with the weekend enthusiasts, but these people were in for bit of a surprise when this grumpy gorilla posed his middle finger at a photographer trying to take his picture.

According to the reports, Bob Pitchford, 67, was on a visit to the city’s zoo last week when he spotted the large ape chewing on some grass. Bob immediately jumped into his ‘Photographer’ suit and started clicking the pics of the ape. But our Ape-y mammal friend here ( I am not talking about caught sight of Mr. Pitchford’s camera and decided to pose some innovative postures so that our ‘Bob’ gets the point.( I hope you go the point too).

The photographer said: ‘As I spotted him he was just playing with some grass. Gorillas have fantastic hearing so when I started clicking he must have heard me.He just turned around and it looked like he was flipping me the middle finger.’

Grumpy Gorilla 'Middle-Fingers' the over active photographer
Grumpy Gorilla ‘Middle-Fingers’ the over active photographer

Mr Pritchard didn’t realize he had captured the hilarious shots until he got home and checked his photos.

‘When I saw the pictures, I just thought “you little devil”,’ he added. ‘He really does look a bit cheese off.’I quite regularly photograph the animals at Bristol, but I’ve never seen anything like this.Gorillas are really good at expressing their feelings. I was just really lucky to capture this,’ said the overexcited Bob.

That’s it folks. Here are the three things you should learn from this incident:

1.Gorillas have feelings too

2. Gorillas also have ‘Middle Fingers

3. and they can be rude too( If the situation demands it). After all they are our distant cousins. So next time you meet a gorilla don’t get middle fingered or at least refrain yourself from releasing your epic ‘Finger’ pics to media ( and yes media include Facebook and Twitter too).