Driving Cab Is Better Option Say Women

Hyderabad: Women pilot for cab is very much need for the safety. It’s not just the she cabs but many other famous privates cabs within the state are also motivating and supporting the women cab drivers apart from She cabs.

The Government will be soon issuing few fresh guidelines to regulate the taxi services like Uber and Ola for women cab drivers, said J. Pandu Ranga Naik, Joint Transport Commissioner, Telangana, here on Wednesday. After the implementation of the new rules the company will be soon seeking licences from us, Mr. Naik added. The Joint Transport Commissioner addressed the women on Wednesday, who aspired to join as pilots for cabs. This session was conducted by Ficci Ladies Organization(FLO), Hyderabad.

Driving cab is a better option
Driving cab is a better option

The General Manager of Uber(Hyderabad), who attended the event, addressed the women gathering by saying, we can help you in getting loans from banks easily. The vehicle that you drive will also belong to you and not to Uber. The aspirants will be provided with the free training under the professionals, will train up to 200 women cab drivers.

Many who attended the event said that Driving a Cab is Better Option.