Woman Delivered a Baby in a Moving Car

Its always a new experience for a woman at her delivery period. The pain becomes pleasure and tears of happiness welcomes the baby to the new world.
baby in car
Here is a surprising yet an interesting fact: Baby Boy of the couple Jonathan and Lesia Pettijohn was seen by more than 5 million people across the world on Sunday morning.
Lesia from Lake Jackson in Texas gave birth to a baby boy in a moving car and got the baby birth shot by her hubby, who was driving the car. Lesia was sitting in the front seat of the car and her husband Jonathan was driving.
Suddenly, delivery pains started and she asked Jonathan to shoot the birth of the baby, which he did with a GoPro camera. She insisted her husband shoot as they dint have the video footage of the previous  babies and wanted this delivery of hers to be captured.
Lesia Pettijohn, with no fuss at all, calmly gives birth to a 10lb baby
“He’s breathing, if he’s crying, he’s breathing, but hold him upside down, babe. Hold him upside down and pat him on the booty,” Jonathan said after I delivered.
Lesia said, “The video was published on social media, just for family and friends, and it just took off. I was really surprised.”
GRAPHIC Woman gives birth to 10lb baby in car and dad captures the whole thing on video

Woman whose en route birth was caught on camera I was pretty much freaking out
‘I was pretty much freaking out’: Mom who gave birth in car while husband filmed.

“We’re just happy we’ve got a son. We really don’t care what people on the Internet say.” Jonathan added.


WATCH : Women gives birth in a car