AP Chief Secretary Issues Relaxation To Lockdown 2.0 From 20th of April

On the 20th of April, Nilam Sawhney, the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.,) issued guidelines to be followed for the exemption to the ongoing lockdown 2.0.

According to the Central Government directives, state governments could allow relaxation in the lockdown guidelines, after the 20th of April in non containment zones.

Regarding this, the Andhra Pradesh Government issued guidelines for the areas, where the spread of the Novel Coronavirus is less.

Details of lockdown exemptions in Andhra Pradesh from the 20th of April:

  • Medical departments including doctors, medical staff, nurses, scientists and paramedical staff travel to other states to fight the pandemic situation of the Coronavirus illness.
  • E commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart  are allowed to continue operations, delivering essential commodities.
  • construction of roads and other water resources projects.
  • Medtech Zone in Vishakha, special economic zones, sanction for export units and other industries to function from today.
  • Permission for industries producing rice, pulses, flour and dairy products.
  • Permission for pharmaceutical companies, soap making companies, masks and body suit manufacturers.
  • Food production industries, plantations, cold warehouses, Agro industries to function with limited staff and hygiene, maintaining social distancing.
  • Permission for bakery, chocolate manufacturers, iceplants and seed processing companies.
  • All types of freight vehicles, freight trains, cargo at airports and ports allowed to function.
  • Information technology (IT) and IT subsidiaries allowed to function with 50 % of employees. 
  • Manufactures of oil, gas, diesel are allowed to function. 
  • Data providers related to government activities and call centers are allowed to function.
  • Gathering of more than 10 people in public places is not allowed.
  • Ban on chewing gums and spitting on roads.

Andhra Pradesh (A.P.,) Government reported a total of 722 cases of the Novel Coronavirus and 30 deaths till the 20th of April.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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