Pawan Kalyan Honors Ramoji Rao’s Legacy at Memorial Event

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Ramoji Rao, Pawan Kalyan, Amaravathi, Samsmarana Sabha, journalistic values, press freedom, public service, media integrity

Amaravathi: Actor and politician Pawan Kalyan paid tribute to the late Ramoji Rao at a memorial event, highlighting Rao’s unwavering dedication to journalistic values and public service. Speaking at the Samsmarana Sabha, Kalyan shared his personal experiences with the media icon, emphasizing Rao’s commitment to the people and the press.

Kalyan recalled his interactions with Rao, including a direct conversation in 2008 and a lunch meeting in 2019, where they discussed the state of the nation, media, and the pressing issues facing society. Kalyan noted Rao’s deep concern for public welfare and his steadfastness in maintaining journalistic integrity despite numerous challenges.

“The values of Janam Taluka are reflected in today’s paper,” Kalyan said, referring to Rao’s influence on contemporary journalism. He recounted witnessing Rao’s distress over the country’s situation during their lunch meeting, admiring Rao’s resilience in the face of adversity.

Kalyan praised Rao’s courage, stating, “Running a newspaper alone with such values is very difficult. He faced many attacks on his businesses but never compromised as a journalist.” Despite threats to his family, Rao remained unwavering in his principles, demonstrating immense bravery.

Kalyan proposed installing a statue of Ramoji Rao in Amaravati to honor his legacy, stressing the importance of protecting press freedom and upholding journalistic values. “Every journalist should understand the sacrifices required,” Kalyan concluded, urging the media community to draw inspiration from Rao’s life and contributions.