Jackie Chan Wants To Work With His Son After His Imprisonment

The Chinese action star Jackie Chan has expressed on Monday that he wants to share the screen with his son Jaycee and an album in order to restore the relationship after his son returning home from jail.
Jaycee Chan was imprisoned in February for 6 months after pleading guilty to allowing others to use marijuana at his Beijing apartment.
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan said that prison made his son mature and the relationship of father and son has changed for the better. “I think sometimes I should set up the jail holiday, force some rich people, even myself, to go to jail,” he said. “These days all the people need to do this because they’re so busy.”

While the remake of The Karate Kid, Will Smith helped his teenage son Jaden Smith every day in  shoot. Similarly Jackie Chan,61 wants to appear in a movie with his son Jaycee Chan and wants to teach him about the films. The dynamic actor added, “Probably there is one song that we will sing to each other, in it I will apologize for ignoring Jaycee when he was young. “I say, ‘Sorry, I was busy at that time.”

The script of Karate Kid is still being written as Will Smith isn’t very comfortable with it, Chan added. “I said ‘hurry up or otherwise Jaden will be taller than me,'” Chan said.