Asus Eyeing To Manufacture Its Smartphones In India


Taiwanese handset producer Asus will begin contract manufacturing in India soon, after having recognized the nation as one of its top three most important phone markets, on account of its 980 million phone subscribers.

“We should able to zero in on a partner be it Foxconn or any manufacturer by the end of third quarter of this calendar year and actually start delivering the phones by the end of the fourth quarter,” Peter Chang, country manager at Asus India, said.

“We are looking to make 70 percent of our smartphones in India,” Chang told IANS. “But we want to focus on the product and not on the manufacturing, so we have taken the decision of contract manufacturing.”

At present, Asus has around 2-percent offer of the smartphone market in India.

The handset-creator, which has 400 employees in India, is likewise gearing up at extending its channel scope and further piercing more audience base. It has 120 select stores in the nation. In addition, it is additionally looking to innovative work focuses in India, including setting up research and development centers in the country.

Asus, whose top markets being Taiwan, India, and Indonesia, likewise offers its smartphones in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, and the US.

The previous year turned out to be successful for Asus, as it reportedly made a profit of Rs. 935 crores, of which almost 40 percent revenues came from its smartphone segment.