Renu Desai Criticizes Insensitive Memes Featuring Pawan Kalyan’s Family

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Hyderabad: Recently, AP Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan shared a delightful photo with his wife Anna Lezhneva, children Akira Nandan, and others. Fans on social media praised the cute family picture. However, some individuals created memes using the photo to insult actress Renu Desai, Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife. Desai expressed her outrage on Instagram, condemning the offensive memes.

“It disgusts me to see how some people behave. How can you crop that photo, post memes, and make horrible jokes? Remember, you have families too. My daughter cried profusely after seeing a post mocking her mother. While you mock the families of celebrities and politicians, remember that you also have mothers, sisters, and daughters. It’s distressing to see the lack of discretion on social media. Her tears will come back to you as Karma. Indiscretionary comments and memes are the worst,” Desai stated.

On June 12, following the swearing-in of the AP Chief Minister and Ministers, Pawan Kalyan, along with his family, encountered a traffic jam en route to their Mangalagiri residence. They stopped by the roadside and took a photo, which the Janasena party later shared on social media, making it go viral.