Minister Lokesh Orders Probe into Ganja Scandal at Idupulapaya IIIT

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Amaravati: Minister Lokesh has expressed his anger over the ganja scandal at Idupulapaya Triple IT, ordering a comprehensive investigation into the incident. Concerned parents met with him on Wednesday, urging action to stop irregularities at the institute, alleging the campus has become a haven for marijuana.

Lokesh assured the parents he would address the issue and safeguard the students’ future. He has called for strict action against local politicians promoting ganja, promising to eradicate the problem from schools. He emphasized that the government has already implemented stringent measures in this direction.

Parents also raised concerns about the negligence of campus staff, which they claim is affecting their children’s academic performance. They reported that students who scored over 90 percent in class 10 are now failing due to deliberate actions by Inter staff regarding internal marks. Lokesh assured the parents that these issues would be resolved to protect the students’ futures.