Minister Satya Kumar Yadav Criticizes KTR Over Comments on AP Election Results and Ketireddy’s Defeat

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AP Minister Satya Kumar Slams KTR

Vijayawada: Dharmavaram MLA and Minister Satya Kumar Yadav has expressed strong displeasure over BRS working president K Taraka Ramarao (KTR)’s remarks on the Andhra Pradesh election results and former MLA Ketireddy Venkatarami Reddy’s loss. Yadav accused KTR of making unfounded claims about the defeat and drew parallels between KTR’s alleged land mafia activities in Telangana, under the Dharani scheme, and similar actions in Dharmavaram.

Yadav claimed KTR’s ally in Dharmavaram encroached on various properties under the guise of a “Good Morning” initiative, labeling it as “capture-collection-corruption-commissions.” Yadav, blocked on Twitter four years ago for criticizing KTR, attributed the defeats of KTR, Jagan, and Ketireddy to corruption, arrogance, and incompetence. He sarcastically remarked that they should console each other with “certificates.”

KTR had praised Jagan’s governance but was surprised by his defeat, attributing it to Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan joining the NDA alliance. He also criticized YS Sharmila’s leadership.