Pawan Kalyan Pushes for Environmental Reforms in Rural Development

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Pawan Kalyan, Rural Development, Environmental Protection, Forest Conservation, Eco-Friendly, Plastic Reduction, Vinayaka Chavithi, Clay Ganapati, Sustainable Practices, Pithapuram Constituency, Agronomy, Natural Farming, Public Awareness

Amaravati: Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan is actively reviewing the departments of Rural Development, Environment, Forestry, and Science and Technology. He is providing structural suggestions and directions aimed at public benefits, development, forest conservation, and environmental protection.

In this effort, Pawan Kalyan’s office has been receiving valuable suggestions and opinions from voluntary organizations, experts, and the public. On Sunday, Pawan Kalyan met with naturist agronomist and environmentalist Vijaya Ram at his residence in Mangalagiri. They discussed increasing the use of eco-friendly goods and reducing plastic usage.

Pawan Kalyan highlighted the importance of using environmentally friendly materials during celebrations and festivals. He emphasized the upcoming Vinayaka Chavithi, advocating for worshiping clay Ganapati idols to prevent water pollution. He announced plans to promote the use of clay idols in the Pithapuram constituency, ensuring proper arrangements for the worship.

Additionally, Pawan Kalyan suggested replacing plastic covers for prasads with small palm baskets and leaves, which are easier to manage in temples. He stated that an initiative will be launched in Pithapuram constituency to implement these changes experimentally.