Tokyo witnesses November snow after 5 decades

The capital of Japan, Tokyo experienced its November snow today in 54 years. A morning snow greeted the Japanese in a pleasant surprise in early hours. Wearing heavy coats and boots, the city is more used to earthquakes than snow. A rare sight in Japan people was more surprised than happy about this sudden change. After the earthquake on Tuesday morning, this was a refreshing change to the locals. This is believed to be the aftereffects of the earthquake that Japan felt in this week. A culmination of rich culture and advanced technology it was indeed a sight to witness.


This slowed down the rush-hour trains as residents slogged to work. The last it snowed  in November in Tokyo, John F. Kennedy was President of the United States and singer, and the winner of the Nobel Literature Prize this year Bob Dylan released his debut album. The snow started as hail in the early hours but turned to snow after few hours. This change resulted in unusual cold spreading all over Tokyo area sending temperatures to almost 0 C. The average temperatures of Tokyo range from 14 C to 20 C in this month and this is by far the lowest in decades.

November snow in Tokyo after 54 years
November snow in Tokyo after 54 years

U.S. state North Carolina,which is roughly on the same latitude as Tokyo,experiences snow at least once a year in January or February it doesn’t stay for long. It is predicted by Japanese Meteorological Agency that there will be as much as 2 cm of snow accumulation in and around Tokyo if the snow stops by early afternoon. Winter is indeed here!!