Minister Lokesh Lauded for Supporting Students with Disabilities in Securing Seats in National Institutions

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Amaravati: In a heartfelt event at his residence in Undavalli, Minister Lokesh was celebrated by students with disabilities and their parents for his unwavering support in securing seats for them in national-level educational institutions. This recognition highlights the minister’s dedication to education and inclusivity.

Parents and students expressed profound gratitude to Minister Lokesh, who personally greeted each student and their families. The emotional gathering saw many parents and students acknowledging that they could never repay the debt of his assistance. They shared stories of how Minister Lokesh’s timely intervention transformed their lives.

Lokesh advised the students to pay forward the support they received by helping ten others when they get the chance. One parent, Jayaram, recounted how a simple SMS to Lokesh led to immediate action and resolution of their child’s educational hurdles, reinforcing their faith in the system. “The right person has come as the Education Minister,” he said, overwhelmed with emotion.

Tejita’s mother shared her initial distress after learning about their child’s educational challenges, but meeting Minister Lokesh brought joy and relief. Rakshit’s father from Punganur and Nismitha’s father highlighted the persistent follow-ups by Lokesh’s staff until their children secured their seats, bringing new hope and light into their lives.