Google’s Rival Baidu To Launch Driver less Car This Year

baidu driverless car

Looks like the competition between Google and China’s leading search engine Baidu is never ending. Often called as China’s Google, Baidu is all set to take on Google with Self driven cars, an idea which the latter has been working on rigorously for the last 2 years will now face competition from Baidu.

Baidu is expected to partner with a third party car manufacturer to launch driver less car that runs on artificial intelligence. Baidu’s senior vice president Wang Jin said at the China Cloud Computing Services Summit, that they are planning to implement the latest computer technology coupled with advanced artificial intelligence mechanisms to produce a totally secured vehicle.

Baidu however will incorporate technologies like big data, Baidu Map and Baidu Brain to develop the car.

This announcement has come just when Google has successfully announced its test run of Google’s driver-less car. Now one has to wait and see, who wins the battle in this new field.