Dog Comes In Front of a Speeding Bus To Save His Owner’s Life


It is a well-known fact that Dog is the best friend of humans, and there’s no one who showers the kind of love and loyalty like dogs do. There are many examples to showcase their massive love towards us. But this story is truly heart touching.

A brave dog jumped onto the street, in the busy roads of New York, in front of a speeding bus to save its owner who happens to be a visually impaired from being hit by the bus. Figo, the brave and courageous dog also fractured its leg in the process. But this one heroic act was praised by many who were present that time on the road.

dog saved woman in new york1
The dog later underwent a surgery and is now recovering from the injury in New York’s Putnam County.

Audrey Stone, the proud owner of Figo went for a walk on the roads of New York, when Figo saw a speeding bus coming towards them. The moment he saw the bus, Figo threw himself in front of the bus to save his owner. However, Audrey Stone was also hospitalized with a broken ankle, elbow and three cracked ribs.

Paul Schwartz, one of the witness from the site said that the dog kept limping towards his owner after being hit as the owner kept shouting its name. He was then aided by the people around and his leg was wrapped to avoid any further bleeding. Mr Schwartz told a news organization “He wasn’t barking or crying or yelping. But he kept pulling toward her.”