Michael Jackson’s 10 Evergreen Hits

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Michael Jackson’s 10 Evergreen Hits

Today would have been the 60th birthday of the late Michael Jackson, popularly known as the King of Pop. The legendary musician was an amazing artist worthy of remembrance. In honor of him, here are some evergreen hits by Michael Jackson along with some facts about his life.

It would be interesting to know how Michael Jackson, eighth child of the Jackson family started his career in 1964 with his elder brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon as members of Jackson Five. Born in the year 1958, this talented child flew high at an early age beginning his solo career with Motown Records in 1971.

The 1980s were the prominent years for Michael Jackson to shine bright and achieve success in the field of music. This dominant public figure was the reason behind multiple hits in the music industry.

Listed below are some of the hits by this successful entertainer from Indiana.

1. Thriller: The song was one of the top songs recorded by Micheal Jackson in 1982. This song is the incredible work of Jackson depicting a horror theme for 14 long minutes. The song first aired on MTV on the 2nd of December, 1983.

2. The Girl Is Mine: This song was like a flying carpet for Michael Jackson. He composed the song and achieved success on the music charts. Apart from topping the R&B Single Chart, the song The Girl is Mine peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and eighth in U. K. The song made a victory by getting certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

3. Billie Jean: Michael Jackson the Pop King won many Grammy Awards and the Legendary Grammy Award for his music. Billie Jean is another work to be cherished by MJ. The single was released in the year 1983 and was on rated number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It is the song based on Jackson’s own experience with a crazed fan.

4. Beat It: The King of Pop never seized to give us hits one after another. Beat It was another singles in 1983 releasing on the 14th of February. The song received the 1984 Grammy Award of the Year and the Best Male Rock Vocal Performance including two American Music Awards. The song was so influential that it was also featured in the National Highway Safety Commission’s anti-drunk driving campaign.

5. Dangerous: Best song, the way Michael sings will make anyone go crazy.

6. Smooth Criminal: Another track given by Michael Jackson. The song talks about a woman being attacked by a smooth criminal. This track managed to peak at number seven on the Billboards Hot 100.

7. Remember The Time: Remember the time when Michael Jackson was with us and gifted us beautiful songs like Remember The Time.

8. They Don’t Really Care About Us: The Brazilian version and the official video was another hit by Michael Jackson. This song related to racism and was anthem among African Americans.

9. Heal The World: This song aimed at making art to allow music to inspire worldwide peace, tolerance and love. The music video focuses on the troubles faced by children who are subjected to the violent acts of war.

10. Man In The Mirror: From the album Bad, Man In The Mirror was a commendable work which showcases the philosophies of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s music always leaves you with hair standing experience. His lyrics are well thought through and based on the struggles of the world.

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson gave a tribute to her father and shared a sweet message on his birthday.

Although, this is the officially amazing songs, here are a few special mentions.

We are the World was a collaboration with Michael Jackson and all the famous musicians from that era. The group of musicians called themselves USA For Africa and used the profits from the song to feed starving children in the hunger struck areas in Africa.


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