COVID-19 Cases Declined By 40% In India

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In the past few days, the increasing rate of the Novel Coronavirus cases decreased to 6.2 days than the previous 3 days  across India.

The figures were compared to the rate of cases reported during the first lockdown, before the 14th of April.

The information and the data was shared by the Government of India (GoI) the cases reduced by 40% in India.   The reason behind the decrease is rapid tests of patients suffering from severe acute respiratory illness (SARI) and influenza like illness (ILI.)

Lav Aggarwal, the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health in India, said, “Before the lockdown, doubling rate of COVID19 cases was about three days, but according to data in the past seven days, the doubling rate of cases now stands at 6.2 days.”  He further said, “We have been witnessing average growth factor at 1.2 since April 1. (This) stood at 2.1 (average) between the 15th of March to the 31st of March. Therefore, there is a 40 per cent decline in average growth factor even as we increased COVID-19 testing.”

According to the study of the Central Government, the number of the Novel Coronavirus would increase in the first week of May and would start declining afterwards.

The decision of the second lockdown till the 3rd of May was also based on the strategies and research of the medical department handling COVID-19 cases in India.

As of the 17th of April, India reported a total of 13,694 cases, out of which 262 were fresh cases of the day.

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