Civilian Areas of Cantonment Board to Merge with GHMC, Central Government Approves

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Secunderabad Cantonment Board merger, GHMC expansion, urban governance

Secunderabad: The central government has greenlit the merger of civilian areas under the Secunderabad Cantonment Board into the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). Chief Minister Revanth Reddy played a pivotal role in advocating for this merger during his visits to Delhi, engaging directly with Defense Minister and Prime Minister Modi on the matter. His efforts have culminated in the recent issuance of procedures facilitating this integration.

Under the approved plan, all civilian infrastructure within the cantonment board areas, excluding military installations, will be seamlessly transferred to GHMC. This includes public amenities and leased properties, which will now fall under municipal jurisdiction. The central government has underscored the importance of maintaining security arrangements for military establishments amid this transition.

Additional Director General of Defense, Hemant Yadav, has directed the CEO of the Board to expedite the merger process, ensuring a smooth transfer of administrative responsibilities to GHMC. This decision marks a significant step towards enhancing urban governance and development in the Secunderabad area.