Hyderabad – NIMS Nurses Go On Strike

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On the 15th of November, nurses at the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) in Hyderabad went on an indefinite strike.

The decision to go on the strike came after a nurse, on the 14th of November, attempted suicide.  Nirmala Rani, a nurse at NIMS, tried to slit her wrist and throat in front of the Medical Superintendent’s office.

Nirmala Rani, a 45 year old senior nurse at NIMS, demanded a promotion and took the extreme step of attempting suicide after N. Satyanarayan, the Medical Superintendent of NIMS, refused to give her a promotion.

Approximately 600 nurses, on the 15th of November, staged a protest against the management of NIMS, demanding Nirmala be given the promotion.

As of now, Nirmala is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at NIMS and is undergoing treatment.  The nurses also spoke about the treatment meted out to them and complained about the partiality which exists when it comes to promotion.  One of the nurses, who wished to remain anonymous, said the management only considers employees from Andhra Pradesh for promotions.

D. Naga Raju, the Sub Inspector of Punjagutta, registered the case and said Nirmala attempted suicide after she was informed the post to which she expected to get promoted would no longer exist.

Vijay Kumar, the General Secretary of the NIMS Nurse Union, said, “Nirmala Rani was told that the post of assistant manager will cease to exist from Friday. Nirmala who was to be promoted to that post was shocked on hearing the news.’’

T. Krishna, the Organising Secretary of the NIMS Nurse Union, said, “NIMS has a large number of patients visiting the hospital. Though the bed strength has increased from 600 to 1,480 in 2014, the number of staff has stagnated at 600 which is adding to the workload.”

Despite being on an indefinite strike, the nurses would attend to emergency cases.

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