46% of people happy over YSRCP ruling: India Intentions weekly survey

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Hyderabad: Around 46% of people in Andhra Pradesh were happy and satisfied over the five years ruling of YSRCP. A total of 41% were totally unhappy and dissatisfied with the ruling of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

‘Ennikala – Chitralahari’, a weekly election tracker survey conducted by Independent agency India Intentions revealed sensational facts about satisfaction levels of people over the YSRCP government.

A total of 32% of people said that they were happy and 14 % said that they feel proud of this government.

30% of people were angry and 11% expressed sadness. Around 13% of people have no opinion and these neutral voters are likely to play a key role in upcoming elections.

While analyzing the major factors for anger and sadness, 39% of people stated that the bad roads are the reason behind their anger. ‘Being dominated’ is the second reason with 33%. Lack of development activities stood as the third main reason for the anger with 31%.

Unemployment was also a major factor causing anger over the YSRCP government with 28% and 27% people said that they were angry over the YSRCP government for delay in completion of irrigation projects.

Welfare schemes occupied the top position which triggered happiness. Around 46% of people said that welfare schemes implemented by YSRCP made them happy and proud. 31% of people said that they were proud of the volunteer system implemented in the state.

House pattas, education reforms and the health care sector also influenced the people and made them feel happy and proud about the YSRCP government.


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