Andhra Pradesh: Weather Department Issues Rain Alert For Next 3 Days

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The Andhra Pradesh Weather Department has announced that there is a possibility of heavy rains in two Telugu states for the next three days, till the 8th of September.

The Hyderabad Meteorological Center has said that there will be thunder and lightening rains at many places in Telangana.  In a statement, the director of the meteorological center said that there is a possibility of light to heavy rains in many places as the north-south trough continues from southeast Madhya Pradesh to Comorin region across Marathwada, Madhya Maharashtra and Karnataka up to 0.9 km above sea level.

On the other hand, in Andhra Pradesh, light to moderate rains would be reported for three days, the Amaravati Meteorological Center said.

It is said that rains with thunder and lightning may occur in parts of the state.  It is explained that South/Southwest winds are blowing in the lower troposphere enclosure over Yanam.

The people of the two states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are said to be on alert amid rainfall.

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