Telangana Minister Gangula Kamalakar Escapes Major Mishap In Karimnagar

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Mr. Gangula Kamalakar, the Backward Class Welfare Minister, had a narrow escape, after he fell into a lake in Karimnagar.

A major mishap was averted with the immediate action taken by the people around and security officials of Mr. Gangula Kamalakar, who saved Mr. Gangula Kamalakar.  The incident occurred during the Telangana decade celebrations, launched for 21 days, on the 2nd of June. 

As part of the festivities, Gangula attended the Cheruvula Panduga at Asifnagar in the Karimnagar rural Mandal.  During the event, BRS activists urged Gangula Kamalakar to board the Natu boat and explore the pond.  After their requests, Minister Gangula Kamalakar climbed the boat, which suddenly tilted and capsized. 

In the process, Gangula lost his grip and fell into the water.  Thankfully, his alert security personnel swiftly responded and brought him safely to the shore.  He did not suffer any injuries and is absolutely fine.

After recovering from the incident, Gangula resumed participating in other scheduled programs.

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