Puducherry Government Extends Lockdown Until May 3rd

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Due to the continuous rise of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 cases, the Puducherry Government decided to extend the imposed lockdown.

Already in action, the lockdown has been extended till the 3rd of May. Earlier, the imposed curfew/lockdown was till the 26th of April. The decision was taken due to the rising number of cases of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. Purav Garg, the District Collector of Puducherry said, “The curfew will be between 2 pm to 5 am till May 3.” Purava Garg said, “Because of the increasing covid cases, we have put in place certain restrictions and certain areas where the number of cases are very high we have also set up micro-contaminant zones.”

According to the District Collector, 1,500 people are in hospital and 6,300 are in home isolation.

During the imposed restrictions, provision stores, vegetable and fruits shops, groceries, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder shops will function. Big format shops, shopping complexes and malls, selling food items and provisions do not have permission to operate during this period of the imposed curfew. 

In addition, routine maintenance of the malls and other closed establishments is permitted.

The District Collector said, “Restaurants and eateries cannot offer dine-in services and only home delivery and takeaway are permitted. Even teashops are disallowed to operate. In hotels and lodges, food is to be served to the guests in their rooms and not in the restaurants attached.”

Meanwhile, hospitals, medical labs, pharmaceuticals, opticians, medicines and medical equipment, distribution of newspapers, ambulance and other essential vehicle services would be allowed during the imposed lockdown.

Goods transport and public passenger transport, vehicles carrying agricultural produce of farmers, agriculture and its allied activities would also be permitted during the lockdown. Furthermore essential services will be permitted like petrol pump, banks, insurance offices, ATMs, media, electricity supply telecommunication, cold storages, warehouses, fire, e-commerce and election related work.

Rental vehicles and taxis including cab aggregation would also continue functioning with three passengers with a driver. Autos are permitted to ply with two passengers excluding the driver,” added the District Collector.

Meanwhile, all religious places would be closed for public worship and only essential rituals would be permitted by the staff of the religious place. However, religious congregations are prohibited, marriages can happen with up to 50 people while funerals cannot have over 25 participants.

Industrial production units have been permitted to operate. Apart from this, people involved in government essential services will be allowed with their ID cards.

According to sources, Puducherry reported 1,021 active cases of Covid-19 till yesterday. The updated data is available on the Puducherry Directorate of Health and Family Welfare.

The COVID-19 situation in India has been worsening amid the second wave of coronavirus infections.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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