Telangana Government Reports Above 85 % Response For COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

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The Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 vaccination drive in Telangana received a good response. 

Nearly 82% of registered frontline workers and medical staff were administered the COVID-19 vaccination in two days.

The first day of the drive, the 16th of January, reported 94% people, on the second day 82% people took the jab of the vaccines.

According to officials, a total of 16,750 healthcare workers were registered for the shot at 324 centres in Telangana for the second day, which is the 18th of January.

Health Director of Telangana G. Srinivas Rao said, out of 4,296 persons identified for vaccination on the first day, 3,962 took the first dose of vaccine at 140 centres.

On the second day, it was 13,666 with the additional 184 vaccination centres.

On the 16th of January, the Nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive began with the India made vaccines, Covishield and COVAXIN.

While Covishield is manufactured by the Serum Institute of India (SII,) COVAXIN is developed by the Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech International Private Limited.

The concerned officials were instructed to get the details of the healthcare workers who abstained from taking the first dose of vaccination after being registered.

The Health department would analyse the reasons for their absence. If the reason for their absence is on account of health problems, a thorough medical check up would be done.

If apprehensions, fear or anxiety was the reason, they would be given counselling.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Government would also conduct several awareness programmes to ensure 100% achievement in the vaccination programme.


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