Commercializing The God – PK and Baahubali !

India being secular and have the right to follow any religion and even become atheist as we like. Many movies have portrayed God in their movies. Few have believed and appreciated, thanked God for the creation. But, where as here we have seen who have criticized God for their own improvement saying they are commercial, are the people making it commercial or the Lord.

Commercializing The God – PK and Baahubali !

Getting into the detail about the above picture, the right side of the picture is from a sequence of PK, this film is directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The lead role was shared by Aamir Khan who is very famous for his sensible and versatile movies, Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh along with him. In this Aamir Khan plays an Alien role and blames God for every thing and caught hold of a teenager who is in the attire of Lord Shiva.
But where as on the other side the picture portrays Prabhas from the Magnum Opus from S S Rajamouli diorectorial film Baahubali. In this scene Prabhas carries a huge(heavy) stone Idol of Linga on his shoulder. He does to fulfil his mother’s wish and for her good health.

Let me conclude this by asking whether these scene used in the movies to unite the audience with the God or to blame him for the deeds. Else to mint money??