My daughter would have been alive if she was taken with Hema Malini

Jaipur: “My daughter would have been alive if she was taken to hospital with actress Hema Malini”, says father of Sonam, who was killed in a car crash. “Sonam died in the lap of her mother in the car. It is sad that mother is also struggling for survival in poly-trauma ward in the hospital and she does not even know that Chinni is no more, ” he added. He also said that they were bleeding on the road for about 20-25 minutes till help arrived.

Actress-turned-politician Hema Malini expressed her grief over the death of the 4-year-old child in a road mishap, in which she was injured severely. Hema Malini said that she felt sad after hearing the death news of the child. The actress added that she understands the hard time of the child’s family and prays to god to give them strength to bear the loss.

Hema Malini
My daughter would have been alive if she was taken with Hema Malini, says father of Sonam

The BJP leader said that the incident was ‘most unfortunate’. On Thursday night, the Hema Malini’s car collided with another car, in which the child was killed and her father, mother and two others were injured near Dausa. The actress also wished a speedy recovery of the injured. Hema also thanked his well-wishers for their concern over her health.

After the accident, Hema was admitted to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for a minor fracture on her nose.

The accident occurred when Hema’s car hit the car, in which the family was travelling, coming from opposite direction. The car driver of the actress was arrested on Friday on charges of overspeeding and causing death by negligence.