Pawan Kalyan surprises Dasari

Pawan KalyanA major spicy rumor has been flying around in the tollywood film circles, for the past couple of months. The rumor is that senior Dasari Narayana Rao and Pawan Kalyan will be teaming up for an upcoming film.

The thing that nobody knows is that its Pawan kalyan who approached Dasari with this proposal. In a recent interview Dasari stated, ‘Kalyan had met me sometime back and asked me what I’m doing. I told him that I lost interest in making movies considering present atmosphere in industry. Kalyan asked me to continue to make films and told me to be active. He sincerely felt that it’d be good if we straighten out many things in film industry in the present form. He also said that he knows what I’m,’ Dasari added, ‘Pawan said that he’s not big enough to tell that he’ll do a film with me and asked me if I’m interested he’s ready to act.’

Dasari admitted that he was surprised when Pawan himself came up with the idea to join forces. ‘Pawan Kalyan is in number one position. There are a lot of producers who are ready to give total amount in advance and wait for his dates. But he himself coming up with the proposal, really surprised me.’