Rakshasudu Movie Updates: Suriya’s flick all the way

Rakshasudu Movie Updates: Suriya’s flick all the way.

Updated at 08:46 AM

Titles are started with a special thanks to Prabhas and UV Creations

Updated at 08:49 AM

As usual fans welcome Suriya with a huge roar, his entry is absolutely stylish

Updated at 08:53 AM

Now comes the first song ‘ Massu Massu ‘. Suriya mesmerizes in variant looks

Rakshasudu Movie Updates
Rakshasudu : Suriya mesmerizes in variant looks

Updated at 08:59 AM

Nayanatara entry simple and short, she come directly in the middle of the song.
Updated at 09:04 AM

Brahmanandam is on the scene now!! This time he is the dean of a hospital.

Updated at 09:12 AM

Action is on!! Heavy and Intense

Updated at 09:30 AM

Too much CG. A sequence of departed souls.

Updated at 09:33 AM

Comedy is back again after intense heavy duty. Suriya’s funny interaction with the souls .
Updated at 09:40 AM

A comedy track between Suriya and Brahmanandam is good. They Synced well.

Updated at 09:46 AM

Interesting second song

Updated at 09:54 AM

Twist for the audience

Updated at 10:01 AM

A fight sequence before interval bang

Updated at 10:22 AM

Secong Half started. We are now into the flash back. Pranitha is introduced

Rakshasudu Movie Updates
Rakshasudu: Suriya in Massive fight sequence

Updated at 10:30 AM

Exquisite third song ‘Nevve Cheliya’

Updated at 10:38 AM

Movie is going sentimental. Its getting emotional here. Suriya is doing what he does best

Updated at 10:50 AM

Jai’s cameo appearance

Updated at 11:02 AM

Pre Climax twist.

Updated at 11:20 AM

Movie ends with a massive fight.