Squid Game Of Netflix Is Global Hit With Bizarre Concept And Concern For School Children Mimicking

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Recently released Netflix Show Squid Game gained a lot of attention amongst youths and children. Glued to the show, many children are trying to mimic the games/challenges shown in the Korean Show, Squid Game.

In just few days, the show have been watched by a lot of viewers and became trending show not only in India but other states as well. Inspired by the show, the United Emirate Arab (UAE,) is going to organise a Squid Game challenge in the nation.

However, the show has become a matter of concern for parents and school authorities in several regions of world. Many schools across different nation have begun issuing warnings to parents to not allow their children to watch ‘Squid Game.

Netflix’s dystopian dark drama has made millions of viewers around the world sit in front of the screens.

The show depicts a group of debt-ridden contestants playing childhood games for a chance to win a huge sum of money and those who fail the tasks are shot dead. Now, various media reports suggest that children are reportedly asking teachers to play similar games as shown in the South Korean show. The snow also reminds the insane Blue Whale game which created a ruckus, killing a lot of people.

Egyptian actress Ayten Amer took to Twitter and stated that she received an email from her daughter’s school warning her and the parents about the show.

Ms. Amer said, “The school sends an email, warning about the squid games series, and they say that watching it is dangerous for the children, and they ask for the parents’ help in controlling the issue because the idea of the game in the series is spreading at the time of the break and the children are playing it The series appears to be really violent because the world is upside down because of it.”

One of the Twitter users wrote, “We’ve received 2 school letters (primary/secondary) warning parents about letting kids watch “Squid Game”. I’m starting to think a more general letter about parental responsibility might be more useful!”

A primary school in England has also issued a letter to parents expressing concern. The letter states, “Dear Parents, It has come to our attention that a number of our children are watching Squid Game on Netflix. Children who are watching this are being exposed to graphic realistic scenes of violence and sadly children are acting out this behaviours in the playground which will not be tolerated.”

It is to be noted that the bizarre concept and idea of such a violent game was in draft for more than 12 years. Squid Game director and creator Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed that he had devised the plot in 2008, but it was continuously rejected for ‘being grotesque and unrealistic’.

However, it was during the Novel Coronavirus pandemic that the story found acceptance. The world, in its state of uncertainty, was ready for the show — survival was the game everyone was playing on a daily basis.

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