7.0 Magnitude Earthquake shooks Indonesia

Jakarta: A strong earthquake with magnitude 7.0 measuring on Richter scale shook the Indonesia’s Papua region on Tuesday. According to US Geological Survey, the powerful quake struck on early Tuesday at around 6.41 am and was centered 247 kilometers at almost 250km west of the provincial capital Jayapura.

Indonesia earthquake
7.0 Magnitude Earthquake shooks Indonesia

According to reports, the quake jolted the area for nearly four seconds. The earthquake created panic among the people and they rushed out of their homes.

So far, no reports of damage or injuries have been registered. National Disaster Agency of Indonesia confirmed said that there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties. After the quake, no Tsunami warning was also not issued. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and the authorities of Indonesia said that there was no threat of Tsunami waves from the quake.


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