Non Bailable arrest warrant issued against Modi

Arrest warrant issued: IPL’s dark horse Lalith Modi is in serious trouble now. As part of investigation in the IPL money laundering case, Enforcement Directorate issued a non Bailable arrest warrant against him. The Ex- commissioner of IPL, Lalith Modi has fled the country in the past and is now currently hiding in London.

NON Bailable arrest warrant issued against Modi
NON Bailable arrest warrant issued against Modi

Going into the details, Special court accepted the request of enforcement directorate and issued the warrant. The allegations against Modi is that he was involved in the financial duplicity of the money in IPL. ED filed the case against him in the past. After losing his chairman position, Lalith Modi fled to London in 2010 and is now currently staying there.

ED issued summons in the past requesting him to make himself available for the investigation. Stating a possible life threat in India, he didn’t agree to present for Investigation.


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