Al Qaeda Recruitment Form released

You might have seen many application forms while applying for jobs, exams. But have you ever seen an al Qaeda recruitment form? Don’t bother answering that, we know you haven’t. Here is a peek at how the terror group’s recruitment form looks like.

Recently US intelligence officials  released set of documents they retrieved from the 2011 raid in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden.

The documents are surprisingly formal, a bit too formal if you think about it. The recruitment form beings as mundanely as any application in your life.

Al Qaeda Recruitment Form
Al Qaeda Recruitment Form found at Bin-Laden’s compound

Here is how the application goes:

Firstly the application asks the candidates to “write clearly and legibly”.

It asks the Would-be hires to state their name, age and marital status.

“Any hobbies or pastimes?” reads one question.

But suddenly the application takes a sinister dive, asking, “Do you wish to execute a suicide operation?”

“Who should we contact in case you become a martyr?”

We leave the remaining to your thoughts on how the application goes.

Details of Other Documents: More than 100 documents – seized by US commandos on 2 May 2011 when they stormed Bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad and shot him dead – were released on Wednesday.

As we go through the memos Bin Laden looks more like a director of human resources than a jihadist leader.”We need a development and planning department,” he writes. As well as seeking volunteers with deep religious convictions, he wants recruits to have qualifications in office management, science and engineering. Like any other professional organization, much emphasis is placed on adequate training and weeding out slackers.