Top 10 Most beautiful universities of the World

Hold back and think. What is the most important thing you do while choosing a university? Obviously most of us prefer for the better educational facilities. On the other hand, subconsciously you long for the universities with wonderful infrastructures.

The one thing many students look for is quality of life. We have conducted several polls with the university graduates on various issues.  One thing stood out in those polls of recent university graduates, that is campus setting. Beautiful college campuses rule the day.

Usually students who graduate from beautiful campuses are typically reporting higher overall satisfaction with their university experience.

Top 10 Most beautiful universities of the World:

10. Sydney University

9. Mumbai University

Top 10

8. Salamanca University

7. Cambridge University

6. Toronto University

5. Bologna university

4. Moscow state University

Top 10

3. Cape Town University

Top 10

2. Harvard University

1.  Oxford University