UK school bans skirts to prevent distraction

A school in UK has banned skirts at a secondary school to prevent male teachers and pupils getting distracted. Rowena Blencowe of Trentham High School took the decision as she was fed up with the girls, exposing too much leg by wearing skirts that barely covered their bottoms. So, from September all the female students will have to wear trousers.

UK school bans skirts to prevent distraction

She said that it is not pleasant for male staff and students as the girls have to sit down, walk up stairs and this causes complete distraction.

Blencowe said that its been an increasing problem over the past two years with the older girls as they prefer short skirts while they get older. The problem is with older pupils in years 9, 10 and 11. She added that the student is warned if the skirt is too short but still girls are coming in skirts that just cover their bottoms.

The parents were also approached by the teachers regarding the issue and a few pupils were also sent to homes. She said that they had to buy some girls new skirts and girls are rolling up their lengthy skirts and when asked they will roll down and after some time, the situations backs to original. Blencowe said that they want to focus on teaching and learning and it is a good school making rapid improvements.