World Health Day | Depression- Let’s Talk!

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World Health Day: I’m sure you can remember a time when you were sad and discouraged. You got bad grades in school, you had a fight with your best friend or an argument with parents and you were sad. But it is completely natural to feel upset. You must have also experienced that as time passed, things became better and the pain you had gone through eventually passed!

When it comes to Depression, the pain does not pass but remains over a period of time. There are several reasons why one gets depressed. It can come from stress and pressure, from friends and family or could be a reason that is unknown to you. So have you ever felt that you are depressed? If you sit back and think of the reasons, you will realize that the solution lies with you. But why are you still depressed? The problem that you and I have is the fear of being rejected or being left alone. There can be other consequences that lead one to the absence of light, but you should know that nothing can break you without your consent.

Depression is not a sign of weakness but it is a major health problem which can be treated. The constant challenge that depression provides us with is recovering from it and staying well. Getting treatment is more than half the problem and the other part is staying well. So how do you conquer Depression?

There are two kinds of destructive beliefs that rob our mental strength. It is the unhealthy belief about yourself that makes you feel sorry for you. Sometimes you think things like “why does this always have to happen with me?” and this keeps you stuck and focused on your problem rather than finding a solution to it!

The second destructive belief that you and I have is unhealthy beliefs about others. The moment you let others take control of your thoughts, you give them the power over you. For instance, you are upset that the man or woman you are seeing hasn’t responded to your calls after the first date. That way you let others take control of you and give them the power to take you for granted.

There are other serious forms of Chronic Depression that are related to genetics.  Some of us are indeed born with a prolonged predisposition for suppressed euphoria.  This is a medical condition that needs a physician’s help.  Whatever the reason for one’s depression, the first step is to share one’s thoughts and pain.

You should know that the immediate solution from depression is by avoiding things that could get you depressed. You know what is the right thing for you. Stay more connected with family and loved ones, eat healthful foods, go for a daily walk and challenge negative thoughts. Make the right choices, seek help and be patient. This too shall pass.