Trump’s Allegations About Obama Go Down the Drain

About two weeks back, Donald Trump, the President of United States, made a serious allegation about the former President of America, Barack Obama, that created an uproar all over. Trump tweeted in a fit of foolishness or forgetfulness, that Barack Obama had conducted electronic surveillance on him last year– during the elections.

barack obama wire tapped donald trump

Here are the tweets by the President stating that he has been wire tapped by Obama taking the help of the British Intelligence in the process.

Until last Friday even when Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, visited the Oval Office, Donald Trump stood on his claims that he had in fact been wire tapped. Trump and his spokesman, Sean Spicer, made reference to a speculative commentary on Fox News alleging Obama had asked a British intelligence agency, GCHQ, to eavesdrop on Trump. He even hinted as being in the same boat as Chancellor Merkel, who found out during the last administration that her phone had been tapped by the National Security Agency as part of a program that Obama ended after leaks from Edward Snowden. During the press conference, he said, “As far as wiretapping I guess by this past administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps,” Trump said referring to Merkel.

donald trump angela merkel

But the allegations came falling apart when the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, testified in the House of Intelligence Committee on Monday 20th March 2017. He debunked every wiretapping allegation and also said that the White house “has no information that supports” the allegation. The director also for the first time publicly confirmed that the FBI is conducting an investigation into whether the Trump campaign “coordinated” with the Russian efforts to influence the U.S., election.

fbi director james comey wire tapping donald trump

The results for that are yet to come in but the allegations against the aforementioned President sure raise a brow or two. Firstly, no action was taken against Trump for making up such falsified stories even though it was a breach of protocol and a serious maligning of an individual’s character. Especially as the accusations were based on no proof at all.